Domestically Produced Buckwheat Flour (for galette) 200g

Domestically Produced Buckwheat Flour (for galette) 200g

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【Domestically Produced】 Buckwheat flour with recommended use for making galette but also for other dishes such as sobagaki. Easy to use and convenient: 200g package 

A galette is a local cuisine in the northwestern part of France, which has a meaning of flat cake. 

~ It is common to call a thin, wheat flour pancake a crêpe and a thicker pancake made from buckwheat a galette ~

It is perceived to be hard to create galette dishes at your home, but its easier than you think! 

☆Masudaya Galette Recipe☆

<Ingredients> Milk 50cc、Buckwheat Flour (for galette) 200g、Eggs 3、A little bit of vegetable oil and salt、butter (to your liking) 

1 Mix the buckwheat flour and milk together and let it sit for an hour

2 Mix the 3 egg yolks together very well and try to form bubbles. Put this together with (1) 

3 Mix the 3 egg whites, add a little salt and mix more until fluffy. Add (2) and mix as if you are cutting something. (Meaning don't mix too much to destroy the bubbles) 

4 Cover a thin layer of vegetable oil on the electric griddle (or hot pan) with low heat. Pour (3) onto the pan to form a circle and cook so the outside is crisp and inside is soft

5 There are several ways to eat a galette. Eat it sweet: Layer the galettes and pour butter, syrup, toppings and eat it as a dessert. Eat it savory: Add ham, tuna, eggs and other ingredients and roll it or wrap it. Either way, it'll be delicious 

*sweet version*


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The buckwheat seeds are the raw ingredients which are used to create the buckwheat flour. The temperature and humidity of which the seeds are stored in are carefully and precisely managed by our low temperature and humidity storage warehouse. 

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