【Produced in 2021】Purely Domestic 100% - High quality Stone Milled Buckwheat Flour 1kg

【Produced in 2021】Purely Domestic 100% - High quality Stone Milled Buckwheat Flour 1kg

販売価格: 1,296円(税込)

重さ: 1000g


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【Produced in 2021】Purely Domestic 100% (Made in Japan) High Quality Stone Milled Buckwheat Flour 1kg

This type of buckwheat flour is perfect for first timers to make soba (buckwheat) noodles, since it has a strong stickiness and a doughy consistency. It is also suitable for other dishes using buckwheat flour. 

~ For a gluten-free diet, it is recommended to substitute normal flour with buckwheat flour since buckwheat is gluten-free ~

The buckwheat seeds are the raw ingredients which are used to create the buckwheat flour. The temperature and humidity of which the seeds are stored in are carefully and precisely managed by our low temperature and humidity storage warehouse. 

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